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Simple pendulum

Hypothesis: – The period of an oscillating pendulum is given by the equation: T = 2? VL/g. Where T is the period time of the pendulum, L is the length of the thread of the pendulum, and g is the gravitational acceleration. The acceleration due to gravity can be calculated using this formula and by […]

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Projectiles lab

Using my results, notably the average distance achieved for the given angle projections, I created a graph from which we can deduce the angle of projection that will hive the largest range. On the following page you will find the graph of the data with the given errors and uncertainties taken into account. On the […]

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Evaluation of my 6 week PEP

The interval training worked well, as I did 4 x 50m sprints n the first week and increased the number of sprints I did each week as it became easier and I got fitter. The circuit training didn’t work as well, because I found it quite hard, especially at the beginning. I noticed a decrease […]

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Кeflection and evaluation

Write a 2,500-word report that shows your reflection on and evaluation of your personal style and the methods available of enhancing learning. There are many different theories of learning, but there are three fundamental forms of learning theory, these being behaviourist, cognitive constructivist and social constructivist. In this study I will explore briefly these theories and […]

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Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department

The Consultation and Education Department at the Greenby Community Mental Health Center is about to lose funding for lack of information regarding the efficiency of the program to draw self-referrals. The scenario suggests the Consultation and Education Department director gather enough data so the board of directors will vote to continue the program’s funding. The […]

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