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Certain Events Change Our Impression of Life

People can say that three and a half minutes is insignificant compared to the rest of our lives, but I know that three and a half minutes can be an eternity, and can change everything about me. Training six days a week, every week of the year, for the past seven years, all of that […]

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Event Management

Events. Events are significant occurrences that serve specific purposes. Different events are held for various reasons. There lie different objectives upon holding and sponsoring or hosting these organized occasions. Events come in diverse form or structures – there are sports events, cultural gatherings or festivals, meetings or summits, conferences, parties, campaigns, pageants – from the […]

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Event Concepts and Contexts

One of the definitions of ‘event’ in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is ‘something that happens’. While this is very broad, it has to be extensive to allow for the innate universality referred to above. Events can vary from a local competition to a ten-day international championship attributing teams from all parts of the world. […]

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