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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in China

The financial aspects of expansion of fast-food business in China are discussed in this paper. The essay discusses the opportunities and risks that foreign food companies have to face when planning for entry or expansion in China. Companies can foray into the Chinese market only if they are aware of the financial constraints in China. […]

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Features of McDonaldization

The society is increasingly becoming globalized. It is no longer possible for nations and businesses to successfully participate in the development of the world economy using the principle of isolation. Many factors have contributed to the globalization of the world economy and society. One of the critical factors in this process has been business and […]

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The Ronald McDonald house

THE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE The Ronald McDonald House also known as “the house that love built” is a place where families whose children are in the hospital facing major surgeries or illness can rest and a have a place close to the hospital, their goal is to comfort, hope and some relief from the stress […]

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El día que Burger King trató de “asustar” al público

Nadie puede negar que las marcas estadounidenses se empapan del espíritu del Halloween y aprovechan las fechas para divertirse, atraer nuevos clientes o en su caso, atacar de manera ingeniosa a la competencia. Así lo demostró la cadena de hamburguesas Burger King quien decidió “disfrazar” un local en Queens, Nueva York, para que espantara a […]

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Management accounting system for fast food industry

The ingredients or raw materials needs to be replenish, ordered and stock-up. J. The number of complaints from disgruntles customers. The above information is much needed to be available daily for a smooth operation of the outlet and to recognize any defects that need immediate remedies or action. (2) The regional manager who supervises of […]

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McDonald’s to Sell a Bigger Big Mac — and a Less Big, Big Mac?

It's true that we encourage readers of this site to innovate, disrupt and change the status quo. But sometimes, when it comes to customer service, we suppose there is something to be said about just giving the people what they want. Or, if it ain't broke, don't fix it — just double down. Related:  McDonald's […]

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Economics Burger King Case Study

Executive Summary The Atlanta Burger King chains are located in a highly competitive fast-food market. The company has been investing money into advertising every week and would like to evaluate how this has affected the sales of their “Combination 1” hamburger meals. By implementing the data received from the Burger King Manager, Price Waterman Coopers […]

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McDonald’s Is Finally Catching Up to Other Fast Food Chains in One Big Way

McDonald’s is finally gearing up to launch mobile order-and-pay technology, meaning customers will be able to order and pay for their food from their smartphones, the company told Business Insider. The technology will start rolling out next year in the US and international lead markets, which include Australia, Canada, France and the UK, McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary […]

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Leadership And Change Management At Mcdonalds

Change & Petrologic-Lacerative, 2004) According to Carbolic “Innovation is a social process that should be undertaken in a regular phases and not Just a decision event so within McDonald’s these forces are the ones attributed which may hinder strategic implementation of the innovation. The company may not be able to implement the Integrated Marketing Communication […]

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Global Business Strategy Of McDonald

Donald Thompson Founded: May 15, 1940, San Bernardino, California, united States Founders: Maurice McDonald, Richard McDonald, Ray Crock Introduction What is Global Business Strategy? A plan established by the firms / companies to target growth on a global level for sales of product or services. It covers 3 areas Global, Multinational, and International strategies. Essentially, […]

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