Essays on Football

I.T. for a football club in Lancashire

I am going to introduce information Technology to a newly built football club in Lancashire designed for both seniors and juniors. My aim is to show how information technology can be more accessible than a traditional manual filling system and be shown in a more […]

Football matches

Because Chelsea village is significantly about the football matches, they need to be in a location that offers superior transport links, their actual location offers a versatile and wide range of transport links for example, and they are located near an underground railway station and […]

Football rules

In football there are rules and regulations. There are rules which are just basically things that footballers will have to follow as well as rules that the referee will also have to follow. All rules are all made by the FA. Regulations are similar to […]

Footballer’s High Wages

The ‘beautiful game’ has not been so beautiful during 2005. As many of you would have heard, during this year football matches have been polluted with drink-driving, brawling, drug – taking, and many other crimes. However, these crimes that surround the match day have not […]

Football Coursework Sources Questions

A tells us that football began in the public schools of the south, and one of the major developments is how the games image was changed from a `traditional mob scrimmage’ to `a game of remarkable skill’. The origins of the game then spread to the universities and […]

Football and tennis – scale of economic importance

We are going to look fully into each of these aspects for both football and tennis. We will compare some of the information in each sport to see if any similarities exist. Looking at data and figures will demonstrate my findings for each sport, e.g. […]

Greece football match

The Independent is targeted at the social group A, B and C1, which includes doctors and other highly educated people. It is a broad sheet newspaper, with complex and detailed information about the latest world news. In contrast the Daily Express is a middle range […]

PE coursework – football

As a footballer there are several rules which I need to abide by and directly link into my position which is midfield. The first rule which is one that heavily influences the game is the offside rule. This rule involves staying behind the deepest line […]