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Is the pensions problem in Welfare states intractable

This question can be taken from two different angles, the optimistic and the pessimistic. I will structure this essay around the optimistic view and discredit the pessimistic. Therefore my answer will be structured around the belief that the pensions problem is not intractable. This is due to the fact that, there have been examples in […]

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Thomas Jefferson

It is known that Sally was ‘light colored and decidedly good looking’, as Jefferson’s grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph put it. The slave, Isaac Jefferson remembered that she was ‘mighty near white… very handsome, long straight hair down her back. ‘iii Everyone that saw Sally had described her as beautiful. Abigail Adams was apparently concerned about […]

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Donald Rumsfeld

Conceptualizing Europe has been at the vanguard of academic literature. US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld (2003), famously used the term old Europe when referring to the European countries not offering support for the US invasion of Iraq. This project considers which bracket Britain falls within. The connotations of Rumsfeld’s speech suggest Britain is part […]

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Fleeing France

At the end of the book, Miss Pross shows extreme courage and devotion to Lucie when she faces Madame Defarge to stop her discovering that Lucie is fleeing France. “I don’t care an English Twopence for myself. I know that the longer I keep you here, the greater hope there is for my Ladybird. ” […]

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Sociology research paper

The financial problems of the Crown were hugely important in bringing about the French Revolution. However the constitution of France itself at the time was also a major factor of its downfall. The financial problems included the weakness of the tax system, the poor harvests during the 1780s and the war debt accumulated from the […]

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Throne of France

Henry must have been in the think of the battle as his helmet, which is on display in Westminster Abbey, clearly shows a dent from a battle axe. Henry also prevented the death of the Earl of Oxford by standing over his badly wounded body. All 18 French squires who had won the right to […]

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