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Indicators of relative standards of living

  Another problem with GDP is that it is a reflection of the ‘average’ standard of living in a country. The problem that occurs is that the income distribution may be highly unequal, being skewed in the direction of wealthier sections of society. In the case of Singapore and Hong Kong, the GDP per head […]

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Bureau of labor and statistics

The phenomenon when a person is willing to work and striving to get work, but he is without work, is called unemployment. Employment is measured through unemployment rate, unemployment rate resent the percentage of unemployed labor force among total labor force available. Unemployment rate is also used among other macroeconomic indicators like GDP, GNP etc… […]

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Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care

Our study case, Jamilla has been treated differently from other people for example at school by not being provided any support. She was discriminated at workplaces, she felt that employers were hostile and difficult to work with. Also she was ignored by the local housing authority when she complained she was told ‘be grateful, it’s […]

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