Essays on Global

Global Governance

Considering the ongoing analysis, globalisation does not just involve intensification of world interdependence precipitated by technological advancement and market forces. Rather, it is a global view shaped by capitalistic and hegemonic power that seeks to establish a global system in harmony with the interests of […]

Global Perspective

Work produced by an individual is essentially the incendiary agent that sparks, perpetuates, and accelerates the churning wheels of capitalism. Alongside money, they create a formidable pair that sustains present-day society’s economic structure. Authors Michael Zweig and Juliet Schor offered remarkable viewpoints in their books […]

Global air travel

Per capita private consumption has increased steadily in OECD countries over the last two decades, and is expected to continue to follow GDP growth in the period to 2020. Product and technological innovations have reduced the energy and material intensity of many consumer goods. However, […]

Global concern today

Decreasing population growth rates and increasing longevity have resulted in a growing population of the elderly the world over. Caring for the steadily growing aging population is a global concern today. In the words of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan (2002): We are in the […]