Essays on God

Comparative religion

  More importantly if Smith’s philosophies are taken to the extreme he is actually moving away from his goal of all religions coming together to have an inter-religious dialogue where each member of each religion discuss and share in the glory of God (Smith, 48). […]

The culture industry

The media has become our primary story teller in life, and perhaps a viable replacement for God. Sorlin (1995: 149) contends that whilst our ancestors interpreted the world by obeying a king or god, we now interpret through television and magazines. This provides a link […]

Psychobiology of Altered States of consciousness

Typically, spiritual experiences are marked by the word “transcendent” because the most significant feature regarding them is the fact that their quality is independent of and perhaps above the material universe. On the other hand, science may be a valuable method of collecting data from […]

The State and conditions of Filipino philosophy

  It is this unifying component- either by learning the Castilian language which would give them access to the Enlightened and liberal ideas from the continent or acquiring a revolutionary ideology- that was systematically eradicated in the Filipino mind, culminating in the intention of self-definition […]

The Russian Army

Leviticus is considered the book of priestly things, a chapter that contains the tokahhah (words of chastisement), stern warnings from God to obey his laws or suffer the consequences. While investigating in Rome and talking to a camp manager and a priest Melech spoke with, […]

Natural law

The term “natural law” is ambiguous. It refers to a type of moral theory, as well as to a type of legal theory, despite the fact that the core claims of the two kinds of theory are logically self-determining. According to natural law ethical theory, […]

God’s Glory and the Puritan beliefs

Edward Taylor was considered to be one of America’s foremost colonial poet’s. Taylor was a devoted Puritan, and agreed with the Calvinistic beliefs of his time. The Literature Criticism by Person states, “Puritans felt that “Man’s duty is to seek and to emulate God, which […]

Tennyson and Arnold

Whilst he condemned the Romantic poets for using words for the feeling they evoked rather than for their strict meaning, he did not entirely ignore their connotative value, selecting words for what he called their ‘prepossession of feeling and enthusiasm’5 as well as their definition. […]

Natural law

  The church believes that our final purpose is to live harmoniously in society, reproduce, educate children in suitable religious teachings and worship God; these are Aquinas’ primary precepts. They believe that a moral life is one lived in accordance with reason, and an immoral […]

Method and Meditations

Rene Descartes was a learned man, who has come to know many things. As he grew older he decided he wanted to start a search for the absolute truth. He says that people follow opinions that may be in fact quite uncertain and take them […]