Essays on Hamlet

A bloody deed!

Had she been more heroic, the entire course of the play would have been altered. Gertrude is a contrasting character to Ophelia. She is far older and worldly-wise, having dealt with motherhood, bereavement (albeit brief) at the death of old Hamlet, and love, erotic and […]

Examine how Shakespeare chooses

When reading ‘Hamlet’ it is clear that Shakespeare portrays women as weak objects that men use for their own purposes. Women are portrayed to be useless and dependant on men where as men are seen as dependant and can take care of themselves. Throughout ‘Hamlet’, […]

“Dead for a ducat, dead!

Shakespeare gives very clear indications through the way Hamlet confides in his mother. After piercing “daggers” and arousing her conscience Hamlet reveals his love for his mother and thus explains that “I essentially am not in madness, but mad in craft”. He has confidence that […]

Hamlet is a prisoner.(TM) Discuss

In Act 2, scene 2, Hamlet states that ‘Denmark is a prison’ whereas Rosencrantz and Guildenstern assertively disagree. This shows the problem of perception which arises when attempting to answer a question like the one in hand. Firstly, from the outset it is evident that […]

Referring to knowledge of some of the characteristics

Towards the end of the play, Hamlet comments: “But I am very sorry, good Horatio, That to Laertes I forgot myself. For by the image of my cause I see The portraiture of his. ” To what extent would you agree that Hamlet and Laertes […]

Shakespeare uses the widely debated Ghost in Hamlet

It is certain that Souls cannot return in their body, which lies in the grave, reanimating it and giving it the movement and life it has lost. And hence, if they return perchance to this world by the will of God and appear to us, […]

Hamlet King Claudius

The Shakespearian play, Hamlet, includes a soliloquy by King Claudius in Act 3, scene 3 that shows him in prayer and trying to repent for his sins. This scene occurs just after the play within the play, which is used to confirm the fact that […]

Hamlet Movie Paper

Books or plays that are made into movies often differ from the original. Franco Zeffirelli does not sway from this statement in his movie, Hamlet (1991), made of Shakespeare’s 16th century play, Hamlet. He uses costumes and makeup, lighting, and changes from the original script […]