Essays on History

History classics

In order to compare and contrast the beliefs about death and burial in the ancient civilisations of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, I will analyse a specific example from each. For the Egyptians, I have chosen to study King Khufu, and his grave the pyramid […]

Nadya Suleman’s Background and History

Nadya Suleman is suddenly in the media spotlight, and people wanted to know what kind of a person would be compelled to pursue acquiring such a large family of 14 children, living on welfare assistance. A quick look at Nadya’s life shows that she was […]

World History

The Europeans, saw huge financial gains if the vast alluvial soil of the newly found continent, America, was cultivated and crops grown. This paved way for acquisition of vast farmlands by the rich Europeans in the American continent. The extreme cold climate of Europe coupled […]

Why Study History

Most people question the validity of studying history and some authors, I note, reduced or associate the concept of history as mostly something that is negative; Bonaparte indicated that it is an agreed upon fable; Byron said that it was a devil’s scripture; and Penelope […]

Pacific Northwest History

When speaking of external forces that encouraged or possibly forced changes in the economy of the Pacific Northwest, once again, the catalyst that World War II became in transforming the economic model of the region cannot be ignored, and is one of the biggest modern […]

What History Implies

History may not necessarily repeat itself but is sure is a past that must be learned from. The fall of the Roman Empire made heirs of three kingdoms namely: the Byzantine Empire, Islam, and the West (Encarta, 1993-2007). The three were more or less similar […]