Essays on History

Catholic religion

“History is part myth, part hope and part reality. ” Discuss the validity of the quote and its implications in the overall importance of “knowing” history. Replace the word history with two other areas of knowledge and compare the validity of the new statement. Mrs. […]

Historical and scientific explanations?

  History on the other hand may leave questions unanswered or give many unsure answers to one question, which in many cases creates enigmas. Modern historians can only obtain knowledge about past events if they have data explaining the happenings. Modern scientists can obtain knowledge […]

Study history

That means: can human behaviour be predicted? Human sciences seem to be attempting to do just that. However, can any, for example economic model work completely No such thing as truth. If “Context is all” does it mean that there is no such thing as […]

War history

War history is one place where we can express an example of such a case. For example, consider the Algerian war (1 November 1954 – 19 March 1962). In that war, casualties from the Algerian side were in an estimation of 1,500,000 deaths by the […]

The artist of our history

In mathematics, the theories and laws that it presents are rarely challenged. Everything is what it is in mathematics and thus it is generally not doubted. This is why it is an integral part of the sciences. It holds true in many situations, ranging from […]

The Second World War

History is one area where individual truth becomes quite apparent as it is an area of knowledge where context is very significant. History can not be proven empirically and, though some facts such as ‘Britain declared war on Germany on September the 3rd 1939’ can […]

U.S. History

John has been tortured before Act 4 to try and make him confess to witchcraft. John endures torture because he feels his cause is so necessary not only will he die he is prepared to bear pain and suffering in order to support his cause […]

The Story Gilman describes Gerta

As in this story Gilman describes Gerta as a ‘tall rosy cheeked baby’. She also mentions Gerta is very ‘docile’, ‘unusually teachable’ and ‘plastic’. She creates this impression on how Gerta can be easily taken advantage of which is very effective by her short and […]

The History of TV

Too young – the participants could have been deemed as too young to make adult decisions, hence they may have a very childish image of what is attractive Use a wider range of age groups, for example does the same principle of ideas work on […]

Tesco’s History

In this report we have been asked to choose a major organisation/company of our choice within a chosen industry sector. We then will be applying an analytical tool which we feel will be most relevant, and carry out a strategic analysis, and a detailed evaluation […]