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Globalization and unemployment globalization

Unemployment Insurance in USA “Unemployment Insurance is a program-established under Federal and State law-for income maintenance during periods of involuntary unemployment due to lack of work, which provides partial compensation for wage loss as a matter of right, with dignity and dispatch, to eligible individuals. It helps to maintain purchasing power and to stabilize the […]

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Travel and Tourism Worldwide Travel Destinations – Hong Kong

General information: Hong Kong is a metropolis, which is a popular business centre and the Mecca of urban modernity. It is an exciting city as it has a British influence but the culture is pure Chinese and there are approximately six thousand people working and living on junks (wooden boats) in Aberdeen Harbour. The mountainous […]

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Student from Hong Kong

An important aspect of my life for the past three semesters has been my education. As an international student from Hong Kong it was difficult for me to make the transition to an American institution of higher education, but I enjoyed the challenge and went forward towards something that could have been considered daunting. My […]

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Big Business Is Only for Making Money!

Running a big business, an unfathomably huge amount of capital is the basic requirement. Employing thousands of employees, setting up branches all over the city and providing a large-scale production to meet the enormous demand are impossible to the one who is short of funds. Last year, Cafe de Coral group, one of the biggest […]

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