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The Royal Beacon Hotel provide

The Royal Beacon Hotel offers many luxury facilities. It is a great place for couples to get a relaxing weekend away. Couples and individuals have the choice of 3 rooms starting at the basic room being the cheapest and superior rooms being the most expensive. So the Royal Beacon offer rooms for people with a […]

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Hilton Hotels and a B&B analysed

Hilton Hotels Corporation is recognised as one of the leading global hospitality companies. Hilton Hotels Corporation is also renowned for providing guests and customers with the finest, most exclusive accommodation and service anywhere in the world and brings value for business or leisure. Hilton Hotels offer guests the widest possible variety of hotels, including city […]

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The Ideal City

In Chapter Thirteen of the book “The city in History”, Lewis Mumford gave an idea of the main features of an ideal city. In this chapter, Mumford speaks of palatial buildings, museums, art galleries, theaters, hotels, academies, pleasure/amusement gardens, zoological gardens, parks, cathedrals or places for worship, places for producing, selling and consumption and suburban […]

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Unethical Business Practices

According to big class action most consumers have the right to the best goods and services at the lowest prices. The competitive process works the best when the prices are set honestly and independently. Price fixing occurs when an agreement among competitors to raise or fix the prices of their goods and services. (Bigclassaction. com) […]

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Hotel in Las Vegas

With more mobsters building more hotels, concerns arose now that the increase in competition would interfere with the profits. It was then that owners of outfits around the country decided to all come together and agree on a deal that would give each other an interlocking share in the other person’s hotel. This succeeded so […]

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What kind of business would you like to start?

There is a dream I always consider and want it to come true. It is the dream of doing my own business, a huge and luxury business. You guess what, it is the hotel business. This kind of business can be running anywhere, especially at the tourism places. You can get a big income if […]

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