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What Bradley Stoke has to offer?

In Bradley Stoke there is a wide range of modern newly houses with good facilities inside. Bradley Stoke has the great advantage of the motorway, which makes it quite an accessible place for commuters who want to go to London or Bristol. There is a regular bus service, however, it is quit slow due to […]

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Walk through Uxbridge

Historical Background: – Around the 12th century, the entire area of, what is now Hillingdon, was agricultural with small villages and Lords (the feudal system). Fields surrounded each village, and any produce of these fields not used, was taken to the Uxbridge market, which opened in 1189. This means Uxbridge was originally an independent town, […]

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National Parks and Honey Pots

Robin Hood’s Bay is located on the east coast of England in the North facing North Sea near the National Park, North York Moors in between two big towns, and Whitby to the North and Scarborough to the South. Robin Hood’s Bay is one of the honeypots in England. A honeypot is a popular place […]

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Sustainable development

Sustainable development means development that ensures that the use of resources and the environment today does not restrict their use for future generations. Cambodia – Banking on a Buffalo More than 30 percent of Cambodia’s population lives below the poverty line. This percentage is even higher for Cambodians living in rural areas who are mainly […]

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How does tourism affect coasts?

Coastal areas are very known to all geographers for being classified as ideal erosional and depositional land-features. But, they are also very known to attract tourists. Coasts in England still to this day retain a special atmosphere; very much akin to the continental coasts which are bestowed with great beauty. No doubt tourism affects coasts […]

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