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Estimation using cross-sectional regression analysis

The purpose of this essay is to search for a model that explains the expenditure per student in high schools. In my model I will try to answer the question that :what factors determine the expenditure per student in a district. I will use cross sectional regression to find a first order relationship between my […]

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The natural sciences

  In science we can`t say about an hypothesis if it is true or not,if a scientific theory which is consistent and works in practice we should accept it as true and try to replace t in the future with a better one,so we can go closer to the truth. Science is seen as humanity`s […]

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Alternate Hypothesis 

Focusing on the above research into chunking of digits specifically, the aim of this investigation is to establish the effect of chunking in short-term memory. The above research was conducted over 30 year ago, doing this study will establish if the magic number seven plus or minus two applies to 16-17 psychology students; or maybe […]

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Effects of Automatic and Controlled Processing

The theory of attention was focused on within the experiment, using a modified version of the Stroop effect. The stroop effect suggests that automatic and controlled processing can conflict with each other making it difficult to focus on a particular task. Participants were asked to look at two sets of stimuli which contained words written […]

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