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The interplay of infectious agents and the immune system in pathogenesis of arthritis

The pathogenic mechanisms of the various manifestation of arthritis commonly involve infectious triggers that mediate the disease-causing damage. These generalised mechanisms of pathogenicity include many interactions of the host’s immune system and any infectious agent. There is a subtle balance between an effective immune response to eliminate the infecting organism from the host and the […]

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Importance Of Vaccination

This paper explores the importance of vaccine to the human kind. This work deals with the pivotal role of vaccine in our life. Vaccine is a biological substance that helps to increase the immunity against the disease. The vaccine is similar to the computers antivirus software program which detects the malfunctioning program from the computer […]

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Skin Graft Immune Response

Most people think of organs like the heart, kidney, lung, and liver when they think of transplants, but skin grafting is just as common in the medical field. Skin grafting is the transplantation of skin to another part of the body. Skin harvesting and transplantation techniques began nearly 3000 years ago with the Hindu Tilemaker […]

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