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The Exxon Valdez in Alaska

1 Introduction It has long been recognised that aid can have both positive and negative effects on conflict. Mary Anderson has written many influential texts which discuss the possible relationships between aid and conflict1. This essay will use one of her frameworks in order to unpack implications for the roles of relief and development agencies, […]

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Evaluate The Impact Of Deforestation In Indonesia

Indonesia is an island republic and the largest nation in South East Asia, comprising of more than 13,670 islands straddling the equator, 6,000 of which are inhabited. Its latitude is 5i?? N to 10i?? S and longitude 95i??E to 140i??E, and stretches across 5,150 km of ocean. Indonesia is home to approximately 10% of the […]

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Vietnam and Indonesia

Globalisation faces many other types of barriers. A recent McKinsey report says that the process of globalisation is not only not uniform across all industries, but there are large differences in the extent to which developed and developing countries have been integrated into a single market (McKinsey 2003). These “large differences” give cause to worry. […]

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