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The Theme of Industrialization in Carlyle and Dickens

The invention of the steam engine and the development of the railways brought England a profound change by proliferating the Industrial Revolution, which created deep economic and social changes by the beginning of the Victorian age. “Hundreds of thousands of workers had migrated to industrial towns, where they lived in horribly crowded, unsanitary housing and […]

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Tourism in an LEDC Is Likely To Generate As Many Costs as Benefits

Tourists flock to destinations for two main reasons, to see either primary or secondary resources. Primary resources are sites and places that where not built for the sole use of tourism, this also includes natural features such as beaches and places of outstanding natural beauty. Secondary resources are any features that pull tourists into a […]

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The Salt industry and its relation to Northwich

A decision was made, based on separate performances presented to the group and the staff of different topic areas that could be used for the local community performance project; these included the legend of the white woman and legends surrounding Beeston Castle. The staff, who thought that the salt industry would be an interesting area […]

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Uttarakhand Disaster

India’s go-to person for tourism, the man who branded Kerala as “God’s own country”, and turned the southern state into one of the busiest tourist destinations in the country, simply cannot come to terms with the devastation in Uttarakhand. Amitabh Kant, who is credited with pioneering tourism marketing in India, believes the tragedy is because […]

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