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Describe Khrushchev and Brezhnevs domestic policies

Despite Russia’s recovery during Stalin’s final years, there were a number of pressing issues, including the low standard of living among industrial and agricultural workers, and the inefficiency of agriculture which was still quite a long way off from providing all Russia’s. When Khrushchev came to power, he was fully aware of all his country’s […]

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History Coursework- World War One

The writer and cartoonist who designed Source A are trying to send the message to British readers that the troops have hit the Somme with succession and are winning the battle. The picture in the source is a map of the Western Front being portrayed as a German or the Kaiser. The outlined face looks […]

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Was the league a success?

The league of nations was formed because of the horrors of the world war. Video’s and camera’s had just been invented, and these enabled people to see what soldiers must endure. This falsified the primitive idea that going to war is honourable. This concept is perfectly explained by a poem called “Dulce et decorum est”, […]

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Nuclear power – Does the risks outweigh the benefits?

A power plant accident could cost thousands of deaths instantly and who knows how many could suffer from cancers and radiation poisoning. This has already happened in Chernobyl. Will it happen again? However I can understand that nuclear power is a clean and reliable source of energy. There have been airplane crashes but people still […]

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