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Why did Israel win?

The simple reason for their victory was that the Israelis were always better trained, better prepared and better armed. Most of their weaponry came from the USA, which had supplied billions of dollars in aid every year since 1948. The Arab states had received weaponry and Advisers from the USSR, however as it is in […]

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“Palestinians – Peace in Jeopardy”

A review of a newspaper article by Ibrahim Barzak, “Palestinians – Peace in Jeopardy” “Palestinians: Peace in Jeopardy” The Associated Press Ibrahim Barzak Nations: Israel and Palestine Region: Middle East World Issue: War and Peace The focus of this article is on the political aspect of this region: 1.) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told […]

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Zionism and the Creation of Israel

100 years ago if someone were to mention a country named Israel, a country that was founded as homeland for Jews, people would laugh at the idea. Let 40 of those years pass and that idea came into fruition when the United Nations voted to spilt a strip of land known as Palestine into two […]

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