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Napoleon III of France and Monarchists

The Monarchists had already assumed a position of power in Italy when the republican movement was initiated by Mazzini. This is particularly important when talking about its unification because they possessed the authority to legitimately influence important decisions. It was because Cavour decided to aim for economic development and a liberal approach at governance therefore […]

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Giuseppe Garibaldi and Mazzini

The key issue is the comparison of Cavour and Mazzini. Answers should be reasonably balanced in their treatment of the two men. 60:40 either way can deserve any mark band; 70:30 will normally lead to the award of one band lower than would otherwise be given. The 11-13 band will require a basic knowledge and […]

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Italian Culture

Italy, despite its small size, is certainly one of the most famous and most popular country in the world. its incredible history, its great importance in the art world, past and present, make this country an extremely attractive place to visit. It is also called “Stivale” for his particular form and the “Bel Paese” because […]

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