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Japanese Gestures

In many cultures and among many ethnic people, a significant way of communicating is through non-verbal behavior. Non-verbal behavior is important in Japanese culture. It is an integral part of their culture, values and way of life. In this essay, I will talk about 3 types of non-verbal behavior in Japanese culture and what it […]

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A new world power in a new world order?

  This picture is, perhaps, unsurprising considering Japan’s unparalleled technological sophistication: a reflection, in part, of the vast sums of money spent on non-military research and development (R&D). Such expenditure has resulted in innovations, such as flexible technology (robotics, numerical machine-tools etc. ), that have resulted in great cost advantages. Similarly, such expenditure has meant […]

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As an international student from Japan

As an international student from Japan, I think one of the biggest challenges for me has been to learn to write and to speak “American” English. Students from Asia have a tougher time learning English compared to international students from Europe, South America, and Africa. When it comes to learning how to write essays in […]

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Merry Christmas in Japan

Japanese people are good at enjoying various festivals in the world. Christmas Day is one of the most popular holidays in Japan, and it’s also my favorite. The day is celebrated generally on December 25. Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan. Originally, it is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, […]

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Anachronistic Selves: Personal Ambiguity in Natsume Soseki’s Kokoro

Anachronistic Selves: Personal Ambiguity in Natsume Soseki’s Kokoro There are many ambiguous issues that are engendered in Kokoro, but this essay will specifically focus on Emperor’s Meiji’s death and the personal ambiguity that the novel’s characters experience as a result. This essay argues that the ambiguity surrounding Sensei, K, and General Nogi’s suicides is not […]

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Japanese festivals are traditional festive occasions. Some festivals have their roots in Chinese festivals but have undergone dramatic changes as they mixed with local customs. Some are so different that they do not even remotely resemble the original festival despite sharing the same name and date. There are also various local festivals that are mostly […]

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Japan’s Trap

In the third chapter of Paul Krugman’s book entitled Return of Depression Economics, he argues that Japan’s economy suffered from what is referred to as the “liquidity trap. ” The speaker will be discussing the major points that the author has pointed out with the intention of providing the audience with a better understanding of […]

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Dolphin Killings in Taiji, Japan

Brutality, crimson waters, what a gruesome spectacle it is to see the horrifying sight of dolphins being slaughtered by Taiji fishermen for a profit. In a total of six months the murderers will catch and kill about twenty three hundred of Japan’s annual dolphin population of twenty thousand dolphins. The capture of the dolphins is […]

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