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Anno Domini

Dionysius Exiguus invented Anno Domini years to date Easter. Anno Domini (abbreviated as AD or A. D. , sometimes found in the irregular form Anno Domine) and Before Christ (abbreviated as BC or B. C. ) are designations used to label years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The calendar era to which they refer […]

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Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

Paul’s Letter to the Philippians contains four chapter divided up into 104 verses. It is not clear when this letter was composed, or where. But, it is obvious from the contents of the letter that it was written while Paul was in jail (Wilson). The letter begins thus: “Paul and Timothy, servants of Jesus Christ” […]

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The Welcome Table

Electing the short story “The Welcome Story”, by Alice Walker (1970) for me was an easy choice for me to write a critiqued essay about. I am using a reader response approach in my critical essay. I like this approach because of the initial dedication to her sister Clara Ward, “I’m going to sit at […]

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When Jesus Came to Harvard

There have been many religious and historical figures over the years and over the centuries that people often still look to for guidance in their every day lives Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are often quoted in modern times; however, Jesus seems to be a religious figure that people still look to for strength […]

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