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Compare Rawl’s Theory of Justice with those of Nozick and Walzer

Social policies are distributed in society to improve society’s welfare and protection. This essay is concerned with whether social policies are fair or not compared with Rawls, Nozicks and Walzers theories of justice. Each theory will now be compared and will produce the answer of just how fair social policies are. John Rawls produced his […]

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The idea of justice

At the end of the play, Eddie gets punished for the crime he committed against the community and this is ironic because the Vinny Bolzano story was more about the importance of discreteness and the serious consequences of betrayal than the fact that the boy snitched on his uncle. Eddie talks about justice and punishment […]

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Moral justice

Grimpen Mire is presented as a place which is very unnatural as Stapleton described that if “a false step into the Grimpen Mire meant death to man or beast”, this made it seem to be a very evil and sinister place as it killed every thing that get in. This made the Mire seemed very […]

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