Essays on Language

Language of Bangladesh

The national language of Bangladesh is Bengali. Bengali is spoken in every part of the country and among all the races of people of the country. Although there are some other languages of the native tribes of the country, but those languages are spoken only […]

Scissors and newspaper

There are a few important props used in the excerpt. They are the hair, scissors and newspaper. Strauss gets his haircut and the hairdresser leaves the hair and scissors on the newspaper. As he leaves the room he subtly removes the scissors from the pile […]

Language, religion and traditions

A nation is a cultural entity, a collection of people who share the same language, religion, traditions and so on. The term race, on the other hand, reflects a belief in biological or genetic differences amongst human beings. While it is possible to change a […]

Languages and Social Reality

“Diverse languages influence the thoughts of those who speak them. ” It is with these words that John Lucy defines linguistic relativity. That is to say that the language we are born into and grow up with is, at least, one of the factors that […]

David Crystal

While the descriptive approach is more democratic, the prescriptive one is more authoritarian and strict. It requires clear and exact rules to be applied to the language and all the speech community to follow them unquestioningly. For example, let’s say the question is whether it […]

Language and Perception

Language is something that we are required to use in our everyday lives. We use it in many ways to describe things that we do in life, or things that have happened to us. When we use language though, we are presented with a problem. […]

Expression in language

Art, by itself, has its very own language. It is not one that can be written nor symbolized nor even spoken. For many, it is a language of feeling and emotion that are awakened within oneself. The different art forms like theatre, visual arts, music, […]

Which is the most reliable WOK?

Knowledge in may be defined as a true justified belief. Truth is the most important element in knowledge that differentiates it from a belief. A belief is something that may or may not be right. For example, during the Middle Ages people believed that the […]

Believing is seeing

Language and translation There are approximately 3000 languages in the world. They do not have the same rules and vocabulary, therefore word-to-word translation is not possible. Since languages are so different, translation is more of an art than a science. Problems of translation Context – […]

TOK-Language and persuasion

  It stands believed to be our very first thought that gets to our mind, creating a base for our mind so that we then might come up with a way to react to it. As such, catchy language, slogans are needed in order to […]