Essays on Language

Language and Perception

Language is something that we are required to use in our everyday lives. We use it in many ways to describe things that we do in life, or things that have happened to us. When we use language though, we are presented with a problem. […]

Expression in language

Art, by itself, has its very own language. It is not one that can be written nor symbolized nor even spoken. For many, it is a language of feeling and emotion that are awakened within oneself. The different art forms like theatre, visual arts, music, […]

Which is the most reliable WOK?

Knowledge in may be defined as a true justified belief. Truth is the most important element in knowledge that differentiates it from a belief. A belief is something that may or may not be right. For example, during the Middle Ages people believed that the […]

Believing is seeing

Language and translation There are approximately 3000 languages in the world. They do not have the same rules and vocabulary, therefore word-to-word translation is not possible. Since languages are so different, translation is more of an art than a science. Problems of translation Context – […]

TOK-Language and persuasion

  It stands believed to be our very first thought that gets to our mind, creating a base for our mind so that we then might come up with a way to react to it. As such, catchy language, slogans are needed in order to […]

Tok chap 1-3

Problem: words are often ambiguous and open to a variety of interpretations. Theories of meaning Definition theory: The most obvious way of trying to resolve confusions about what a word means is to consult a dictionary. The only words we are able to define in […]

Radical doubt 

Critical thinking involves asking good questions, using language with care and precision, supporting your ideas with evidence, arguing coherently, and making sound judgements.  Four ways of acquiring knowledge: perception, language, reason, emotion  Despite the growth of knowledge, we are confronted by contradictory beliefs.  The difference […]

Olivier Messiaen

Information is often misconstrued, distorted and erred. Due to the vast availability of information, the line between knowledge and belief is frequently blurred. It is difficult to distinguish one from another when striving for knowledge. Although the architecture of our thoughts are intricately divided into […]

Does language help or hinder the way we acquire knowledge?

Language is something that humans have used almost since the beginning. It is combination of sound that is used to communicate between people one of the fundamental parts of a community. It is something that is incredibly important to us. Our language allows us to […]

Language play

The film was basically was about a man who knew too much about the company’s false declarations made about cigarettes. The film starts with Lowell Bergman (Pacino) trying to convince a sheik in the Middle East about doing an interview with Mike Wallace (Plummer) for […]