Essays on Learning

Quality and performance

The selection of the appropriate model is dependent on whether there is more focus on the performance management of individuals or as an organisation, as well as quantitative or qualitative indicators and measures are keys to make an effective assessment. One of the listed models, […]

Transfer of learning

Transfer of learning applying the skills, knowledge and/ or attitudes that were learned in one situation to another learning situation. This increases the speed of learning” (www. nwlink. com/~donclark/hrd) A very important aspect of learning procedure is transfer of learning. It is very important for […]

Learn From Happiness Research

This leads to the conclusion that capitalism is fundamentally undemocratic as a minority class wields disproportionate influence over both economic and political decision making. Using this logic many concluded that government should take control of all means of production, entirely regulate the economy for the […]

Open and closed skills

In this assignment I am going to investigate the practice of open and closed skill in a range of sports. These sports will include team sports e. g. Football, racquet sports e. g. Badminton and individual sports e. g. Gymnastics. I am going to investigate […]

Learning & enhanced

There have been many reports and initiatives in recent years concerned with adult lifelong learning and, in particular, adult participation has been looked at in some detail. Who participates and who does not (and why not) have been researched and debated in great depth. In […]

Myself as a Learner

Being in my early twenties I have spent the majority of my life engaged in formal methods of learning. I was brought up in South East London and attended a variety of different primary and secondary schools. I moved into private education for my sixth […]

Learning and teaching techniques

Andragogy and learning styles have been studied to improve the learning and teaching techniques. “Andragogy is the art and science of helping adults learn” (Knowles, 1970,  1). This paper used Felder-Silverman model (2002) to determine the author’s preferences and create strategies to improve performance through […]

Learning about science

Frankenstein gives us a powerful impression of the delight and pleasures to be gained from science How far do you agree? Frankenstein shows us the delight of going into the unknown areas of science, in reanimating a dead body, Frankenstein becames a pioneer. He broke the boundaries […]

Compeyson trial

Mr Jaggers is a strange man who shows Pip, by no intention of his own, just how important a home life is. Jaggers is an enigma, a code which Pip cannot understand. He has no home life, and he is always obsessed by his work. […]

What is learning?

Learning encompasses so much of who we are as human beings. It is our ability to exercise our mind. I believe a man could live for a thousand years and still not have learned everything about our universe. According to the text, “Learning is the […]