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Impact of unions on learning and vice versa

Thanks to the union learning fund (ULF), unions enable and encourage workplace learning. Favourable industrial relations are very crucial for the success of the learning initiatives and the sustainability of these initiatives depended on the continued management support. Case studies on the effects of workplace learning led by unions showed that employers saw possibilities of […]

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Workplace learning

Although unions have very limited role at the policy formulation level, they have a larger new role in improving workplace learning. The establishment of the union learning representative is perceived as an innovation of the central union. The role of the representative is to support and motivate workers in taking up workplace learning. The success […]

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Union involvement in workplace learning

In the past few years, the British trade unions have adopted training and learning as an important element of their agenda. This learning agenda is perhaps the fastest growing philosophy of trade union activity, although it is one of the newest. The involvement of unions in learning is a distinct role from its historic activity […]

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The art and science of leadership

This resource has a great amount of information that deals with leadership. This information is further spread into individual subtopics that are easy to down load. The website is quite fast and down loads easily. It also contains very recent updates of the leadership information. Touching on the content, the site starts by listing the […]

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This Is the Science Behind Thriving Workplace Cultures

For all the talk surrounding over the past few weeks, one aspect of the story that hasn’t received much coverage is the one detailing allegations of a toxic work environment at the social media giant. Related:  In a first-person article in , an unamed writer who said she'd been a member of Facebook's Trending Topics team alleged that “poor […]

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How I Used Real Estate to Pay for My Newborn Daughter’s College Education

Two weeks ago,;my wife and I welcomed Rosie into the world — our first child. Last week, I had her entire college education paid for without spending a single dollar of my own money. How? Through a single real estate investment. Related:  The theoretical plan was simple, if not necessarily easy: Buy a piece of property. Let my tenant […]

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Management Science

In his work, Whinston (1990) showed that it is possible for a monopolist producing one information good facing non-perfect competition in the market for another to extend the firm’s monopoly power from one product’s market to the other by bundling them together (i. e. , “bundling entry-deterrent effect”). That is, by choosing a price that […]

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Management science

During this period, first applications of management science took place, prompted by fast technological advancements. Administrative Management was developed; specialization of labor, authority, discipline, unity of command, unity of direction, subordination of individual interests, centralization, order, equity, and lifetime employment of good workers are the key principles of Administrative Management. Several notable project management tools, […]

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Business School

There is considerable disagreement concerning the nature of the relationship between profitability and productivity. In operations research and production management, it is common to argue that this relationship is positive. The firm that achieves superior levels of profit needs to devote fewer resources to handling returns, rework, warranties, and complaint management, thus lowering costs and […]

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Education Finance and Budgeting

Education in the USA is the combined responsibility of the State, communities, and public and private organizations, a fact that is also reflected in the structure of educational finance in the country. Of the estimated $1 trillion spent being spent nationwide on education at all levels for school year 2007-2008, the federal contribution, including that […]

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