Essays on Learning

What is learning?

Learning encompasses so much of who we are as human beings. It is our ability to exercise our mind. I believe a man could live for a thousand years and still not have learned everything about our universe. According to the text, “Learning is the […]

Perfect Elizabethan woman

Kate’s knowledge of all her sisters’ suitors runs her through complete jealousy. Like most women in society in Elizabethan times Kate’s main aim was to get married. Marriage at such a time gave a woman status and a meaning she was no longer a tenant […]

Learning writing and language grammar

From the study presented herein, there could be a five point summary that could be derived from the entire context of the discussion,. The said points are as follows: 1. Learning writing and language grammar always go together in an aim to producing worthwhile reading […]

Deep and Surface Learning

Deep learning is a learning approach which seeks to understand the whole picture of what is being learned. In this approach, new ideas are learned deeply, giving more time and effort into the learning process. Learners are expected to relate what they already know with […]