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The cultural underpinnings of nineteenth-century nationalism

  Workers, who had by definition to be literate, increased rapidly. (Anderson, p. 169). This increased literacy also had a further significant by-product in that it was certain “privileged” languages which came to the fore to the detriment of many of the regional dialects that had previously been known, for example Breton, Gaelic and Polish […]

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Conan Doyle’s Literary

Conan Doyle’s Literary Genius was superbly shown in his stories by his skill of portraying Victorian England in a very engaging way, for example he dramatizes the social dilemma of drug taking in Victorian times by inhabiting Opium dens/addicts and snuff takers into his stories, also the fact that Holme’s himself is a regular cocaine […]

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Literacy and numeracy development

Having recently attended a 2 day conference in Birmingham on ‘Student Employability’ I am fully aware of the needs to embed Key skills such a numeracy and literacy within the curriculum that is being developed for the BTEC National Diploma course. The key issues that employers raised was that skills such as communication, team work, […]

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The Lonely Road to Literacy

In this essay I will examine the adjustments that students make when beginning university. I will look at how students become more reflective, and how this inner insight develops their critical self. I will take account of the discourse forms that students’ work must take and how their structure encourages original thought. I will then […]

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Benefits of Early Literacy Learning

Education is a fundamental aspect of a person’s social, economic, and emotional developmental. Starting education early is therefore advantageous. Focusing specifically on early literacy; statistics prove that an early literary development can radically improve a child’s chance for a formidable career. Early literacy developmental practices have been taking place for many years now. Many different […]

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