Essays on Magazine

Riddle of the Sands

The majority of articles/reviews/resources (above) that I selected as evidence towards David Lynch being an auteur were found in the film specialist magazine Sight & Sound. Already, I have found this to be a beneficial and dependable resource from a professional and methodically critical viewpoint. […]

Magazine covers

here are many different forms of advertising, and it’s everywhere! It persuades us to buy the product they are selling. One type of advert is the cover of a magazine. Whether it’s the copy, character or graphics, all of the components play a part in […]

Magazine Reveiw and Comparison

I have chosen to analyse ‘OK! ‘ magazine and ‘Now’ magazine. I have selected these two magazine because not only are they both magazine I enjoy reading, but they are also both gossip magazines. Therefore they are linked to each other. I will be highlighting […]

Vogue Magazine

Vogue was first published in 1892 and ever since has reflected the rules of the fashion world. Vogue means ‘fashion prevailing at any given time’, which is why Vogue it such a good name for the magazine. It talks about the ins and outs of […]

Analysing the front cover of magazine

Regarding imagery, The Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS has been placed on the centre of the cover page of the magazine; it’s the largest image in front page which is pictured high from the lift side. The image of the Aston martin is conventional for […]

Magazines to attract the desired target audience

In my coursework project I aim to look at and investigate the differing techniques used by magazines to persuade and inform. The area of the magazines that I am going to concentrate on will be the front covers. I hope to investigate ways in which […]

Women’s magazines

During the 1960’s the Women’s Liberation Movement began to campaign to change women’s role in society, so traditional women’s publications changed. Cosmopolitan existed in America since 1886 as a fiction magazine but at this time became a new magazine for the “sexually liberated woman”. 4 […]

Magazine Analysis of GQ Magazine

GQ magazine is a men’s magazine, which could appeal to some women, but the majority of readers are men, it appeals to a mass 18 – 35 year old men. The audience can purchase this magazine every month for the price of i?? 3. 30. […]