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Mildred Taylor

The children have access to sporting facilities and even get picked up from there home by the school bus. The different raced children are living totally different lives; the black children are seen as inferior to the white children, the two different up brings of them doesn’t make the situations any easier. Racism in education […]

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A view from the bridge

Eddie, the plays protagonist has a very particular view of what it means to be a man. He only picks out the looks and qualities of a person, not his personality. He shows this many times and many ways in the first part of the play. Eddie is in conflict with every other major character. The […]

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What does it mean to Act like a Man in our society?

Could the real man please stand up? A real man doesn’t exist. That is a quote that is heard a lot. What is a real man? What do we understand by how to act like a man? What do we expect of a real man? For many people the ideal man should be rich, takes […]

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Old Man Old man

Compare the Images of Old Age one gets from the two poems ‘Old Man Old man’ and ‘Warning’ From reading both ‘Old Man Old Man’ and ‘Warning’ the attitudes and images of old age which the two poems present are completely different to each other. ‘Old Man Old Man’ describes a man who is becoming old […]

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Man and a woman

The six respondents were divided into age and the type of abuse that they have experienced. Two of them were of a man and a woman who has experienced sexual abuse at work who are now at their early forty’s; the other two are on their early twenties who both experienced domestic abuse from their […]

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Why I Desire to be an alpha man?

Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity truly shows what brotherhood really is. Amongst the fraternities I have known, only Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity caught my attention. I have seen how each member shows concern and love amongst each other. Each member sees to it that his brother is in good hands; thus, they keep one another. Alpha […]

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