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Lean Accounting

As companies grow, they continuously look for ways to save on costs, be more productive, and overall be more efficient. Many companies are starting to implement lean accounting. The traditional accounting method focuses mainly on reducing costs and creating increased shareholder value, whereas lean accounting is mainly focused on increasing capacity, creating more customer value, […]

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What a CPA Should Consider While Conducting an Error Analysis

In accounting, errors are classified as errors in recognition, errors in measurement, errors in presentation and errors in disclosure in the financial statements of a given company. An error can be as a result of mathematical mistakes, mistake in applying GAAP or an oversight of facts that were in place when the financial statements were […]

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Strategic Management Accounting

Firms are now should face a lot of competition because a lot of changes in contemporary business, such as globalization of world trade, changing product life cycle, changing customers tastes that demand to improve levels of service in cost, quality, reliability, delivery and the choice of new products; and the emergence of e-business and so […]

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