Essays on Market

The modern market

The corporate culture within organizations has been modified through advances in technology. Smith (1994) believes the ‘Information Revolution will create the thousand points of light of an entrepreneurial culture, where power and creativity are dispersed, decentralized and democratized’ (Wood et al 1998:39). Creativity and innovation […]

The Chinese market

It will start from the Porter’s 5 forces to analyze the market and then build on that analysis a precise srategy. The first force is the one of customers (or buyers). The elements on which we focused are mainly three. The products supplied by the […]

Market analysts

Another limitation with alternative approaches to food supply is that they are often accessed by the better educated and those on higher incomes. Using a case study of a multi-stakeholder co-op in America, Hendrickson and Heffernan (2003) ask if questioning the “dominant logic of the […]

Criteria to be used when choosing a market

There are certain criteria that a company has to look at in order to evaluate the attractiveness of a certain market. A company must therefore screen a market using a checklist of criteria they have set out for themselves to assess the opportunities of the […]

Market Capitalisation Analysis

Magnum Corporation Berhad is a public listed company, listed in the main board of KLSE under trading / services sector, with the stock code of 3735 and its market share price of RM2. 680 per share. Magnum Corporation Berhad is a popular and in great […]

Market failures

In cases where firms assume that individuals are responsible for their own training, their reward system shapes an employee’s incentive to pursue training. Although education levels are necessary in deciding where an employee enters the job structure of a firm, incentives are low after they […]

Housing market

Neo-liberals argue that at a micro-level: “the high levels of personal and corporate taxation associated with redistributive approaches to welfare are said to reduce individual incentives to work and invest, because the gains to be made form hard work and risk-taking are diminished… Wealth creation is […]

The Development of Markes

The results showed the questionnaire to be reliable, with a Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.8212. However, it is not valid in terms of Goldberg’s openness questionnaire which could be the result of the researchers using differing definitions of ‘openness’. The questionnaire was found to have content […]

The mass market

The core product area for the company is clothing, and it has dressed a substantial proportion of the men, women and children from their underwear outwards. In the years following the First World War, M&S bought the freehold of many of its stores and added […]

What are the causes of Market Failure?

Before I go into the causes of market failures I think that it is important to describe the ‘Perfect Market’ or a better term is ‘The Efficient Market’. The perfect market is an efficient organisation, one that human desires and wants can be fulfilled without […]