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The Catholic church

The printing press had a great influence on the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century and without the use of this technology Martin Luther would not have been nearly as successful in his challenging of the Catholic Church. The printing press in the early 1500s paved the way for Luther and the Reformation and assisted […]

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Dear Honourable Judge

    It is very evident that they were the ones who were insinuating Leo X to declare me as a heretic, when I was not one. I believed that they must have felt that I was a threat to them and their reputation hence they were so eager to declare me as a heretic […]

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Enlightened Philosophers

A comparison of the philosophies of John Lock; Voltaire; Martin Luther and Galileo from the Enlightenment period. Enlightenment -The Light Bulb of the 1700’s Throughout history many people have changed society with their ideas and actions. Two philosophers whose ideas and actions changed society are Voltaire and John Lock. Martin Luther and Galileo also changed […]

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