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Media studies

We live in an ever-changing environment, a world that spins on its axis far quicker than we can comprehend. The world spins and we follow in body but not in mind, we do not realise how far and fast we are moving. Our world is […]

The gender stereotypes in the media

I have chosen to investigate gender stereotypes in the media, with the significant breakthrough of Angelina Jolie’s starring role in Tomb Raider. I believe that, generally, females are rarely shown equally (or superior) to men, within the film industry. I will focus on how this […]

English Media coursework – written

We decided to make our perfume very different from all the others on the market, so we created five individual scents and bottled them individually. We then analyzed the product and decided that it would be too difficult to advertise the different bottles individually, so […]

The media be blamed for violence in the media today

The social background of a child can have an affect on violent behaviour, men who have grown up without a maternal figure are significantly more likely to assault women. A well as that when parents have fights in front of their children they will imitate […]

The Effects of the Media

The Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act 1937 prohibits exhibition or supply of a film if animals are harmed in the film making process by the cruel infliction of pain or the goading to terror to fury of any animal. Films affected and cut include Werner Herzog’s […]

The media influences young girls idea

The theological approach that I have employed is that of the interpretivists. My research needs to be an in-depth study, as I want to discover the participant’s perception of the media. In order to opperationalise my concepts I intend to employ a main research method […]

Media violence

The industry’s current mantra states that games are escapist and fun, and don’t lead to copycat violence in real life. The European Leisure Software Publishers Association’s (ELSPA) Roger Bennett says ‘ the latest research conducted in the UK stated quite clearly that imitation of computer […]

How crime is represented in the Media

There are several different types of media in the UK. A few examples are; TV, newspapers and the internet. In today’s civilization the media is extremely powerful and very leading and possesses the ability to influence people’s opinions on crime or even change their minds […]

Media texts

The way in which men are represented throughout different media texts fluctuates depending on genre, cast and other aspects. A prime example of this is The Expendables, in which casts the great action film heroes of past and present, ultimately representing men as strong and […]

Media Timed Piece

One day, back in 1934, listeners to the wireless heard a strange new programme. It consisted simply of a man putting questions to the listeners – and encouraging them to write down the answers. This started off the history of the quizzes. The word quiz […]