Essays on Methodology

The recurring themes

Assess the view that quantitative and qualitative methods are complimentary rather than mutually exclusive ways of pursuing sociological research. When looking at the way that research should proceed in terms of sociology, it is important to realise that a researcher does not have to be […]

Methodological issues

Choose one of the following areas of social psychology and, with reference to previous studies, discuss the conceptual and methodological issues which you feel future research in that area needs to address: Attitudes Baron an  Byrne (2002) define attitude as an individuals attempt to evaluate the social […]

Rules of being a Methodist

The afore-quoted examples describes Tony and Jo’s different experiences on their life development. The themes shall now be analyses in connection to the relevant literature and the questions as explained in the introduction part. From my perception, both Tony and Jo are experienced with something […]

Application of methodology

Before I began my questionnaires , I decided to do a pilot study. I gave my questionnaires to two children and two adults. This was to test the reliability and validity of my research design. With the questionnaire designed for the children, both of them […]

Methodology for investigation

To gain efficient and effective information on female participation rates in sport when looking for secondary information various places i.e. internet, books, journals etc would have to be investigated. Looking for as many sources as possible in order to decrease the chances of bias. The […]

Open-Ended Survey Method

Qualitative data used in various studies are helpful in determining more unbiased answers from the respondents. One way to gain full understanding of what people think and feel is to analyze the context in terms of asking for their comments or answers through asking open-ended […]

Research Design and Methodology

This chapter aims to illustrate the methodology of the research. It describes; common research philosophies, research approaches and the research strategy. In addition the research path chosen by the author will be discussed in detail. Finally, the problems that could arise during the research are […]