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Perceives and interprets

The human mind perceives and interprets, reality is what we make it and we can make it what every we want, a glass half full or half empty, we make our own realities based on what we allow ourselves to see, and usually we have a very narrow view. If I told you the planet […]

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Mental mind

Too strong of an emotion at a given state of mind nonetheless can also make one justify moral decisions based on rationalisations and emotional prejudice. If a person has an emotional prejudice against African Americans, she/he will only consider the culprits and overlook the Samaritans. This makes it very difficult to be objective as this […]

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Can machines have minds?

Seeing “James the Red Engine”1 cry, prompted me to ask whether a machine could ever actually experience emotion, which raises the centuries-old philosophical question: Can machines have minds? The immediate, instinctive reply to this question by nearly all people is a resounding ‘No’, and people develop a variety of reasons to maintain the distinctiveness of […]

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The audience’s minds

This again links back to the idea of Eddie’s tunnel vision, as he is so proud that he has an almost disjointed vision of himself, and can’t see his flaw. Dramatic tension is increased within the scene, when Eddie fights with Marco. This is an especially tense part of the play, because if Eddie doesn’t take […]

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Eddie’s mind

Eddie seems to relate more easily towards Marco than Rodolfo, as they are both heads of their own households and Marco quickly earned a reputation for hard work on the piers. This is apparent when Eddie engages in conversation with Marco, but always degrades Rodolfo, by acting as if Rodolfo is inferior and doesn’t know […]

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I Am Who I Am

Have you ever heard about people who claim that they seem to exist in this world in different personality? In one place you’re defined as the one who loves to talk about anything except girl stuffs. Then later on in another place you would be the one to open the conversation that deals with these […]

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A look into the mind and matter

Many attempts in explaining the nature of the mind have already been made, even reaching the point wherein the very existence of the mind is argued for and against it. Generally, the nature of the mind can be further branched out, though not necessarily limited, into several areas. Part of these includes a rigorous analysis […]

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A Moment of Madness Arose

Walking from work in the blazing hot sun, I turn to my right and the first thing I see is the big baby blue coloured envelope standing half way out of my letter box. My heart starts to beat as if I am waiting for the teacher to handout my mathematics question paper. I start […]

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“Ego” in Anthem

Does everyone have “ego”? In Anthem the citizens of the city grew up not knowing of this word, and in turn its power. They were taught to be a whole, rounded up like tagged mules, doing assigned work blatantly. In the song “Drones” by Rise Against, the lyrics,“The drones all slave away, they’re working overtime. […]

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