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Financial specialist

It was the summer of 2005 and I decided to work voluntarily as a financial specialist for a nonprofit organization. I was tasked to help manage the finances of a public hospital. However, my duties went beyond financial matters as I, together with 40 other volunteers, helped the elderly in a variety of chores such […]

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Financial results

One of the ways that the government have in regulating companies is to have a standard way of reporting financial statements. This is typically called as the “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. ” By developing a Standard Chart of Accounts, the American Booksellers Association is doing the same thing. Which is good for the book industry. […]

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The Financial Side

Be it in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market is catching attention from all throughout the world. The following are some excerpts identifying how some financial activities result to changes in retained earnings and common stocks in the most recent periods. One factor that can affect the retained earnings (RE) […]

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TD Bank Financial Group

The Toronto-Dominian Bank and its subsidiaries, collectively known as TD Bank Financial Group (TDBFG) is a Canadian based financial group, engaged in providing wide range of financial products and services. TD Bank Financial Group is one of the largest financial services providers in North America, providing retail and commercial banking, wealth management, and wholesales banking […]

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Macdonald financial information

• ROCE have been consistent in 2004 and 2005 which increases shareholders and lenders confidence however the confidence built when it reached 10. 2%. • Operating margin have gone up by 3. 5% from 39% in 2004 to 42. 5% • Revenue growth has been consistent moving up and down but has dramatically increased by […]

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Financial economists

Recent literature puts forward the case for a generic random walk type model, offering a less stringent assumption than those imposed in earlier literature on market efficiency. Traditionally, the analysis has been whether one serves as covariance stationary and displays the property of short-memory or non-stationary and non-mean reverting. In exhibiting a form of memory, […]

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Financial Times

With the slowdown in the housing industry, the GDP will substantially be affected as well. What could further aggravate the situation is the clampdown of the sub prime lending because of a surge in foreclosures on high risk mortgages. To quote Saskia Scholtes of the Financial Times: “Delinquencies and foreclosures among high-risk borrowers increased at […]

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Online financial news

There is a fundamental economic formula that market analysts go by – that is the law of supply and demand. In the US housing market, there are a lot of variables to consider not only because of the size of the physical landscape but also because of the economic landscape of the four main regions […]

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Receivables financing

Receivables financing is a means by which a debt is placed on the market and sole to improve liquidity. Essentially this mechanism is an assignment of debt and is a significant part of capitalists’ management systems. In fact in a vast majority of developed nations a substantial amount of company assets are primarily comprised of […]

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Role Of Financial And Managerial Accounting

Financial accounting pertains the preparation of an organization’s financial statements. The role of financial accounting therefore is to come up with information that can help the users of financial statements in making decisions. Some of these users include employees, shareholders, suppliers and financial Institutions. Managerial accounting on the other hand aims at providing information that […]

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