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A Mother’s Fondness

Compare and contrast the mother-daughter relationship in ‘A Taste Of Honey’ by Shelagh Delaney and ‘A Mother’s Fondness’ by Marion Rachel Stewart. No relationship is quite as primal as the one between a mother and her daughter. Mother-daughter relationships in general are characterised by a unique bond; formed and developed from conception. As a young child […]

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Mother’s afraid

How does Tennessee Williams portray the three main characters in the first three scenes of The Glass Menagerie? In this essay will be looking at the way Tennessee Williams demonstrates the main character Amanda, Tom and Laura over the introductory scenes. I will look at the language he uses in the stage directions and I will […]

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Good mother

Traditionally women’s magazines promoted a perfect wife, good mother and a domestic god. This lead to not only a preoccupation in the way women viewed themselves, but also in the way women coped with all aspects of their life. Today women have a role more than a mother and a housewife these aspects are not […]

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My Family

I may not have a perfect family but I treasure them more than anything in this world because they are God’s Greatest and Priceless Gift to me as I am to them. My family consists of four people. They are my parents, my younger brother and me. My Mother belongs to the Cortes Clan and […]

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The Power of a Mother’s Love

The aforementioned statement may sound funny but it may ring true for some daughters. Others may take the opposite view as each woman has her own unique love story or experience to tell. Nevertheless, there are mothers who are involved in their daughters’ love affairs. These are mothers who seriously take time to monitor their […]

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I Hate Mathematics

“Mom, how to answer this question? It’s really hard. I hate Mathematics,” my young teenage son approached me when I’m cooking for dinner and he always asks the same question. The same old statement I gave to my mother in those old days. ‘I hate Mathematics’. It’s been a while ago since I’m about his […]

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