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Analysis of internal factors

Our analysis of internal factors for our increased services hours has been positive. For all remote clinics on post, they begin sick call at 0600 hrs, so if they need further blood work that can not be provided in their respective clinics, they can come to the hospital and not have to wait for our […]

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The of children in these factories

It is the use of children in these factories that have caused human rights protestors to express their dissatisfaction in the way that the goods that they buy are produced. They cite ethical repugnancy on the part of American businesses for having to use children to make their products. The thing is though as explained […]

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Factors defining organization’s goals and establishing an overall strategy

Factors defining organization’s goals and establishing an overall strategy An organization is a group of people intentionally organized to accomplish an overall, common goal or set of goals. There are several important aspects to consider about the goal of the business organization. Ideally, these features are carefully considered and established, usually during the strategic planning […]

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Legal Problems and Other Factors Overseas

Nike has been recognized as a quality brand that encourages self-confidence as well as promoting athleticism among the youth. However, issues of an exploitative wage rate in their factories and severe labor conditions are just among the legal issues that the company faces in the international community. There have been previous movements in the labor […]

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The Factors That Affect the Efficiency of Labour

The first factor influencing the efficiency of labor among the banking institutions in the UAE is inheritance (Yogesh 2009). Research has established that individuals from a good background collection are likely to perform well in their jobs. What this implies is that the quality and rate at which a person develops physically and mentally and […]

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Important factor of Management

Leadership is a very important factor of Management which has different meanings to different authors. Leadership is the art and process of influencing the people or organized groups so that they strive willingly do what the leader wants them to do. It does not only mean the passion to work but also includes the passion […]

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Factors Affecting Pricing Strategies

Pricing can be defined as the assignment of value or the cumulative amount of value that a customer must exchange in order to receive a particular product or service (Gerth, n. d. ). For marketers, pricing can be viewed as a single strategic tool that can translate a potential business entity into reality (Abratt & […]

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Marketing Environmental Factors

Trade between nations has gathered immense importance in today’s world. No country can survive in a hermit like situation in which it closes its relations with other countries and tries to survive on its own. Even states like Cuba and Iran have trading partners to trade with which earns them a good amount of foreign […]

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Technological factors

The technological environment has been partly analyzed and it is clear that there are major players that have already taken a fair share of the market. According to Al-Abed et al. (2005), technology is changing at a very fast rate in the global market and it is up to Al Fahim to discover or import […]

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Economic factors

Singapore has been recording steady economic growth over the years. It is projected to become among the three biggest economies in the world by 2050. Singapore economy has been growing at a rate of 9. 2% in 2007 and previously 9. 6% in 2008. The economy is expected to record more growth this years with […]

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