Essays on Music

Black music

The increase of digital television sets in homes has enabled people to access the internet, shop, send emails and view a wide variety of satellite channels in the comfort of their own home. It is thought that by 2010, digital broadcasting will be nationwide. It […]

Dialogue and music

Dialogues can be presented in many different languages and styles. There are many different dialects used in television to fit that time or place, films from different times will include a different dialect for example films set in the past ‘Pride and prejudice’, the dialect […]

Research on Computer-based Music Notation

The progress report of electronic music will always be incomplete if it fails to mention about the untiring efforts of the computer scientists, whose relentless research paved the way to computer-based music notation, which reached general public around mid 1980-s, and in no time embraced […]

Conventional Music and the Electronic Music: Conflicts and Confluences

Music has been performing the job of enhancing the emotional experience of humans in many ways since ages and thus never seemed intruder in cinema, even in the era of silent movies. After a further period of evolution it came of age around 1929, with […]