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A multicultural society?

In the newspaper, which is called as Radikal, there is an article written by Murat i?? elikkan. The title of the article is “Turban and France”. It is about the subcultural groups and ethnical diversity in France. It is not a homogeneous country. In recent years this heterogeneity has become more apparent. As many European […]

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Was the prophet Muhammad, in your opinion a political leader?

In the early seventh century, Muhammad had a vision. The angel Gabriel appeared and proclaimed “You are the messenger of God”. Muhammad began his career as rasul Allah (a messenger of God). Today more than a billion people align themselves with the Islamic tradition and recognise Muhammad as its human founder. On earth Muhammad led […]

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Exploring Ethnicity and Nationalism Eden Simpson

1. Identify and briefly explain two ways in which Item A challenges the idea of a single British National Identity. Item A discusses that the priority for most young Muslim Women born and brought up in Britain is subscribing to a “British” Identity. This already mentions the fact that there or more than one religion […]

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Hyde Park Preacher Debate-Witnesses to Radical Muslims 

Jay Smith is an American Christian in London. He believes Muslims need to leave their faith because their holy book, the Koran, is flawed. He also believes that God has called him to confront Muslims in Britain with the Gospel, which he has done since 1993. CBN.com -Jay Smith is an American Christian in London. […]

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What is Islam?

On September 11, 2001, nineteen Muslim extremists embarked on a terrorist mission by hijacking four passenger jets, and then flying them into the World Trade Center in New York City and into the Pentagon in Washington D.C., killing more than three thousand people. The hijackers were disciples of Osama bin Laden, whose militant brand of […]

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An Egyptian Childhood

In Dead Man’s Path, Michael Obi could represent the European educated class and his stubbornness towards accepting the paths significance could represent his intolerance towards cultural beliefs, an issue that we are bombarded with in our daily live. The consequences of cultural intolerance whether it is due to religion, colour, race or beliefs are devastating, […]

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