Essays on Network

Wireless Local Area Networks

Providing an adequate security for any local area networks (LANs) has always been a necessity for LANs to be a viable idea. From the very origin of LANS, the process of maintaining data integrity and prohibiting unauthorized access has proven to be problematic at best. […]

Wireless Network Communication Security

Wireless communications have evolved substantially from their early beginnings in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Over the years businesses and consumers have demanded greater and greater flexibility in where and when they work. This desire has manifested itself in a demand for wireless technologies […]

Network participants

The actual process of globalization has been erratic, chaotic, and slow. Some observers of modern politics argue that a basic version of world culture is taking shape among extremely educated people, particularly those who work in the rarefied domains of international finance, media, and diplomacy. […]