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Cultural Diary

Before writing this essay, I have not even think about how many different cultures I am meeting in my everyday life. It is just amazing how many cultures I am interacting with. It is hard for me to say exactly what culture I am identifying myself with, because of the fact that the nowadays world […]

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Year 10 Media Assignment

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet leaves a lot of room for creative elaboration. His work is still a popular choice for theatre-goers and a director will choose their own approach. Zefferelli’s version (1968) was screened nearly 30 years before Luhrmann’s (1997) and the two present very different ideas. Luhrmann’s modern adaptation has shown young people […]

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“Palestinians – Peace in Jeopardy”

A review of a newspaper article by Ibrahim Barzak, “Palestinians – Peace in Jeopardy” “Palestinians: Peace in Jeopardy” The Associated Press Ibrahim Barzak Nations: Israel and Palestine Region: Middle East World Issue: War and Peace The focus of this article is on the political aspect of this region: 1.) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told […]

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Analysis of the Sunday Telegraph

In the papers today, the main agenda is to do with the Iraqi crisis. It is around us everywhere, on our radios, TV’s, papers etc. All of these are to do with the media. The media has become more and more important in life as time has moved on. Most people are able to see […]

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“Clay Beats Liston”

An analysis of the content of newspapers in Kentucky during the 1960’s, when Mohammed Ali was starting his professional boxing carreer, and what this implies about the society in Kentucky during the 1960’s From the accounts of various Kentucky newspapers, I was able to learn a few facts about Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad […]

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