Essays on Novel

Harris’s novel Chocolat

First and foremost, we can already identify the main topic of the two texts: chocolate. Both texts basically talk about their subjective and creative processes of chocolate creation. In this comparative essay, I will elaborate the different purposes and points of views of authors, as […]

Childhood and Parenthood in the Novel

A main theme in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is that of birth, childhood and parenthood, this is explored through Shelly’s choice of frame narrative and structure for the novel. She uses a circular story in which Robert Walton, an arctic explorer, rescues Victor Frankenstein off the […]

Of Mice and Men

The setting of the novel in the great depression (1929 – 1939) contributes to Crooks’s situation as it is 70 years after the abolishment of slavery but at this time the Negroes were still treated like dirt in California, and the attitudes of the workers […]

How Evil is presented in the Novel?

Firstly I will start with the imagery. This in particular is based around whenever there is there is good there is light and whenever there is bad there is dark. Darkness gives the images of: – Dull and, gloomy, it creates a mysterious atmosphere and […]

The D-Day landings

Source A was written by Winston Churchill, he was giving this speech to the House of Commons on the 6th of June. Churchill was our present prime minister, and it was his job to reassure the people. He didn’t want to cause panic, and therefore […]

Society in the novel

How is “Frankenstein” a critique of the society Mary Shelley lived in, and what are the roles of nature and society in the novel? Nature plays a large role in the novel, “Frankenstein”, both as the natural world and human nature. The book is clearly […]

How is Curley’s wife presented and developed within the novel?

Curley’s wife is portrayed as the recently married, young wife of the boss’s son, Curley . To the reader’s knowledge, she’s the only woman on the ranch, and lives in a male dominated environment, surrounded by the ranch hands.. She is probably in her mid- […]


One of the reasons the creation scene may have been made more energetic and physical is that the director and actor (Dr. Frankenstein) may have wanted to make himself more like an action hero, with his shirt off and sweaty chest to show off on […]

A Gothic novel

Victors father made sure that a young Victor would never be scared of the, ‘supernatural horrors’ and so, ‘darkness had no effect upon my fancy’. The descriptive language and vivid images used however, fit in with the gothic theme, ‘ a churchyard was to me […]

The Life Of Living On The Street And Being One

When Link finally spends his first night dossing in a doorway he makes a good choice but then makes a mistake that evens things out again. Link finds the perfect doorway, “A good deep one, so deep that the light from steet-lamps and shop fronts […]