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Casting Shadows

A review of the novel “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin, focusing on the main character, Edna. Casting Shadows Happiness; is it essential or is it a mere unimportant simplistic virtue in life’s plans? Does everyone have the right to happiness? It is stated in the Constitution that we as Americans have the right to life, […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Biography

A biography of the life and works of the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock is among the few directors to combine a strong reputation for high-art film-making with great audience popularity. Throughout his career he gave his audiences more pleasure than could be asked for. The consistency of quality plot-lines and technical ingenuity earned him […]

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A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

A review of James Joyce’s book, “A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man”, illustrating his passage from boyhood to manhood. A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man In Joyce’s novel, “A portrait of an Artist as a Young Man”, he weaves the stories of his youth and his growth as a […]

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Poe and Dostoevsky on the Nature of a Murderer

This paper explores the character and psychological makeup of some of the murderers in the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Some people believe that most murderers have a mental illness which causes them to commit their crime. This belief is strongly disagreed with by the authors Edgar Allan Poe and Fyodor Dostoevsky. […]

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The House of Mirth

From the very beginning of the novel, Lily feels stuck between what she thinks her role in society is and what society has dictated on her. She always had this desire to revolt against this dictatorship of society, but whenever she tries to do so she ends up sabotaging her image by doing things that […]

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Kurt Vonnegut’s Portrayal of Society

A study of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel “Breakfast of Champions” which portrays a prepackaged and robotic American society. “Outline Thesis: In Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut portrays a prepackaged, robotic society, and an American culture plagued with despair, greed, and apathy. I. Introduction II. Social problems A. Racism B. Commercialism and materialism C. Violence D. Lack […]

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The Subtle and Not so Subtle Symbols of “Sula” 

Toni Morrison novel, Sula, has been hailed by several critics as a remarkable expression of the feminist ideology. To accurately understand this novel, it is necessary to focus on symbols used throughout. While many of the symbols used throughout, whether flowers, fire, water or the mysterious repeating of the number “4”, Life and culture in […]

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