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The Problem of Obesity in the Youth of America

When it comes to our children we would do anything for them. They are the reasons we work overtime, work multiple jobs and push ourselves to the limit. We make these sacrifices so we can provide them with the things we never had to show them how much we love and care for them. In […]

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Obesity in Australia Speech

I can almost be certain that no – one in this room would disagree with this statement, Although small country compared to places such as North America, and Europe we have a great way of life, we are a democratic nation, live in the 21st century and pose some of the most amazing natural attractions […]

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Social Policy – Obesity

I have been asked to produce a report on a health related problem within the UK. The problem that I have chosen to research is obesity. I am going to research obesity within all generations, how the government proposes to tackle the problem within the UK and how successful government policy is now. In a […]

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Teen Obesity

One of the growing concerns affecting today’s teenagers is the increase in the rate of teen obesity. According to the American Obesity Association, about 30. 4 percent of teenagers are overweight, and 15. 5 percent of teens are obese (1). This means that 45. 9 percent of teens are at risk for developing health problems […]

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Government Controlled Diet

Should the government have a say in Americans diets? One of the fastest growing problems in the United States today is obesity. Throughout the last ten years, more and more people have become overweight or obese. Obesity has caused a lot of damage because it has increased healthcare costs and ruined many people’s lives because […]

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Childhood Obesity in Today’s Modern World

Childhood obesity has become an overwhelming problem for society today. As it grows in awareness more people are becoming involved in finding a solution to this growing problem. Childhood obesity has occurred due to the fast pace of technology, the problem of school budget cuts, and more children becoming latch key kids. There are many […]

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