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Afghan refugees shunned and scorned

  According to UNHCR, in the face of a worsening economy, the government of Pakistan wanted to show its citizens that it was placing priority on their needs and interests, not on those of the refugees. Also, as the drought in Afghanistan worsened and it became clear that the international community would be unable to […]

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Gandhi Biography

This paper discusses the life of Gandi whose method of non co-operation earned Gandhi a great deal of respect and has been used throughout the world Gandhi On October 2, 1869, the “little brown saint” was brought into the world; during this time India was under the British monarchy. During his early years he did […]

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The journey through Pakistan

The plane took off from Heathrow. I looked down at the suburban houses and fizzed with anticipation. All though I had been born in England, my parents came from Pakistan, and we were going there to see our relatives and enjoy a holiday. I have many relatives in Pakistan and my mum and dad kept […]

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Why not visit Pakistan?

I would be lying to you if I said that I was not eagerly anticipating a visit to my ancestor’s country. Yet I was still dreading my adventure because of the countless amount of negative news coverage in the media! This was mainly due to Pakistan’s increasing security dangers which were: suicide bombings, honour killings […]

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The Future of Pakistan

The exercise of pondering over the future of Pakistan essentially boils down to suggesting that several things might happen over the next few years in Pakistan-or that, just possibly, none of them will. A rather foggy crystal ball, for Pakistan’s future is as ambiguous and confusing as its past. The existential dilemma appears to be […]

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History of Pakistan

The History of Pakistan (Urdu: تاريخ پاكِستان ‎) encompasses history of the region that constitute modern Pakistan. Prior to independence in 1947, the area of modern Pakistan was both ruled and reigned by local kings and under numerous imperial power throughout different time periods. The ancient history of the region comprising present-day Pakistan also includes […]

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Harappa is an ancient city which was part of the Indus Valley Civilization. Indus valley civilization ancient civilization flourished from about 2500 BC to about 1500 BC in the valley of the Indus River and its tributaries, in the northwestern portion of the Indian subcontinent. In 1921 archaeologists found this site when spectacular ruins were […]

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