Essays on People

Highly Effective People

The basis for Covey’s book are the 7 habits, or principles. He advocates that, “the 7 habits should form the basis for evolving the best behavioral patterns, or habits, for living happily and effectively” (Covey, Stephen R. 1990). Habit 1- Be proactive: Covey suggests that […]

Theory of Knowledge People

“People need to believe that order can be glimpsed in the chaos of events” (adapted from John Gray, Heresies, 2004). In what ways and to what extent would you say this claim is relevant in at least two areas of knowledge? Order, from my perspective, […]

Can’t see

There are many things that influenced the outcome of the activities. A main thing that would influence it is the type of patient I would be working with, for example because It was an elderly lady who had loss of hearing, you know you have […]

The Royal Association for Deaf people

The barriers to communication with deaf people is the fact that they cannot hear the message (verbal) Deaf people rely partly on their vision to communicate, deaf people can lip read by looking at the movement of people mouths, so it is very important that the […]

Can we play cards

When replying to Sweeney’s question of “Can we play cards,” I would again be bubbly, and pause after “We can,” and I would then look around when saying “dunno about you,” emphasising “you” and laughing loudly. When no one else laughs, I would look at […]

Why do people obey?

Under today’s research guidelines we can argue that this experiment is ethically wrong, because the participants were told they had no choice and they were deceived as to the true nature of the study. The participants experienced distress through the experiment. The sample of this […]

Write about people who had an influence on you

When I was only eight days old, my grandparents took me to their home and brought me up until I was twelve years old. During the twelve years my granny has had a great influence on me. Her kindness touched my heart because she brought me […]

Is perception innate?

Gibson and Walk discovered that most of the babies would not venture onto the glass side where it looked like they may fall. This suggests that we are born with perception of depth. However it could be that we learn this perception at a very […]

People recall real life situations

The next sources I will look at are sources B and E, which are both interviews. Source B is an extract from an interview with a teacher in 1988 in which a teacher remembers being evacuated with children from her school. The extract explains how […]

Ordinary people

The situational theory has socially sensitive implications. This is because it suggests it’s not the individual’s fault if they behave aggressively in a institution. This gives individuals an excuse for behaving aggressively. This suggests the situational explanation it institutional aggression provides us with a socially […]