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Memories of a personal event

The door slammed shut. I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to either. A nearby shadow gradually transformed into my dad, who walked into the kitchen. Dad was holding his breath as if to try and prevent the three small words which would […]

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Don’t get me started on little sisters

Little sisters aren’t cute; they’re EVIL…PURE evil. All they do is just make you mad by doing something purposely that you don’t want them to do. How irritating do you find it when you get blamed for something you never did? Your sister does something wrong and guess who gets blamed- you! My SIS: Small, […]

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Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood

Change happens in adulthood that may be very traumatic and enriching. The changes may include social, psychological, emotional, and physical. These changes can influence a person’s physical health, mental health, and the way he or she lives. These changes may affect a person’s social interactions, relationships, personality development, and job satisfaction. These changes may be […]

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Money Is a Good Servant but a Bad Master

In our everyday life, money seems to be a necessary element. Without money, we cannot do anything. The utility of money is enormous and powerful and the proverb is actually “Money is a good friend but also is a bad master“. I will try to prove the truth of this proverb and its certainty. Everyone […]

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