Essays on Poem

Рalf-Caste written by John Aguard

The structure of the poem is jumbled up at the start it is a very short stanza then a long one then another long one the a short one to close it this is a mix of the two different types this emphasises the half-caste […]

Poem & relationships

The description of the father by describing her as a princess reveals the affection and adoration he has for his daughter and subjects her to praise by commenting about her luck. This reference from the poem specifically contributes to the contrasts of the two poems […]

The Thickness of Ice and Twice Shy

Paragraph one talks about the beginning of a relationship and how you don’t really care about what may happen and about whom might get hurt in the outcome. This one is mainly about the meeting and greeting of the two people in the poem. The […]

Night of the Scorpion and Vultures Poem Comparison

In ‘Night of the Scorpion’, the people in the poem are trying to free the mother from evil, and attempt get rid of it by trying all sorts of odd cures. In ‘Vultures’, evil is being spread, by both the Nazi officer and by the […]

My Paper Planes By Kenneth Wee

Firstly, their relationship was not very close because their personalities were totally contrasting each other. While the older brother was pessimistic, pragmatic and rigid, the younger one was an optimist, who dared to dream. Hence, there was no common interest between the two siblings, and […]

The poem ‘Piano’

When compared to ‘My Parents kept me away from Children who were Rough’, the poem ‘Piano’ bears a significant variance. The emotive language throughout the poem marks its soft tone, manipulates the readers, and makes them unaware of the underlying childhood problems. The soft tone […]

The poem reveals about Keats

Here Keats is believed to be talking about a beautiful woman he met once in Vauxhall Gardens. Seeing her, to Keats, is one of life’s great moments. She has been given supernatural qualities, ‘Faery power’ – i. e. , she is set apart from other […]

Philip Larkin

Larkin, like Eliot, uses the theme of degradation and the objectification of women in his poetry, in a way that does clearly suggest his dismissal and disregard of women. This can be seen clearly in Sunny Prestatyn. The poster focuses on the woman’s sexuality; “breast-lifting […]

Weapons training and Big Jim by Brice Daw

Various language techniques are further expressed in ‘Weapons Training’. Limited punctuation, instructional and colloquial language along with an imperious tone gives the poem a forceful, authoritative resonance. The colloquial tone and language is evident with idiomatic expressions such as “copped the bloody lot” and slang […]

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The second way she shows her love is in the lines 5 and 6: “I love thee to the level of every day’s Most quiet need, by sun and by candle-light”. Here, Barrett Browning is declaring her love as constant through time, both by day […]