Essays on Policy

Policy Implications

The analysis of internal factors identified various advantages for the company; this has a lot of policy implication that might strengthen its process of global investments if probably harnessed. The company should make it a continual policy of developing strong brand identity, managerial skills, know-how […]

Automotive sector

The inclusion of ‘green awareness’ (i. e. knowledge about how to monitor tire pressure on a regular basis, not to accelerate or brake abruptly, or not to carry unnecessary weigh in the back of a car) in the driving test has been a controversial subject. […]

United States domestic policy

No significant impact on retail or wholesale prices, areas/drugs/index. asp UK Govt report Despite the Reagan administration’s high-profile public pronouncements, secretly, many senior officials of the Reagan administration illegally trained and armed the Nicaraguan Contras, which they funded by the shipment of large quantities of […]