Essays on Policy

Anti-Asian policy

Despite the fact that racial discrimination has dropped over the years, there are still people out there who hold racist veiws, this can been seen with the example of the One Nation party, who had anti Asian migration policy’s and at on stage One Nation […]

Policy Implications

The analysis of internal factors identified various advantages for the company; this has a lot of policy implication that might strengthen its process of global investments if probably harnessed. The company should make it a continual policy of developing strong brand identity, managerial skills, know-how […]

Automotive sector

The inclusion of ‘green awareness’ (i. e. knowledge about how to monitor tire pressure on a regular basis, not to accelerate or brake abruptly, or not to carry unnecessary weigh in the back of a car) in the driving test has been a controversial subject. […]

United States domestic policy

No significant impact on retail or wholesale prices, areas/drugs/index. asp UK Govt report Despite the Reagan administration’s high-profile public pronouncements, secretly, many senior officials of the Reagan administration illegally trained and armed the Nicaraguan Contras, which they funded by the shipment of large quantities of […]