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The politics present in the organization plays

In an organization today, power and politics play a very important role.  The organization today has to develop complex process and has to implement consequential decisions due to the issues with relation to power and leadership.  As today several issues are developing in the organization, the politics need to be more flexible, innovative and adaptive. […]

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Effective Political Marketing

The recent presidential elections in America highlight the influence of marketing strategies on the outcome of the campaigns (Seidman, 2008). One of the key marketing strategies used by both camps is the internet and the more modern forms of mass communication. Apparently, the Obama camp has shown a higher edge against the McCain camp in […]

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Democratic leaders

While the democratic leadership style is often described as participative and is generally the style preferred by modern management and employees, the leaders who use this style tend to share authority with their employees, involving them in decision making or organizational planning. Democratic leaders show concern for their employees, especially in matters that directly affect […]

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Politics of Information and Projects

The action of the CIO of Overstock. com can be described as an exhibition of a bad organizational politics. This is because taking a cursory look at the tone of the note, it can be said that he indeed shot himself in the foot, while admitting the wrongs of his organization. According to a report […]

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Political structure

In my circle of friends, we are more bounded by our commonalities in interests. There, we are free to do what we cannot do at work; thus, we are more relaxed and so we experience less stress. We can get emotional if we want. At work, that is a big “no”. A political structure is […]

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Democratic leadership

This means he/she becomes a source of energy and ensures that the group sees the greater picture and moves in towards accomplishing the task. The latter encompasses the function of a leader in light of him being an encourager, harmonizers, communication facilitator, problem solver, evaluator of relationship, defining authority to standards, trust builder among others. […]

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Political investment and foreign policy

Political environment in Australia is quite stable which essentially is a requirement for an over sees company thinking for a foreign investment. The reason why this is necessary is because a stable political environment ensures security for the investor, ensures stable economic policy, stable trade policy and stable foreign policy. A company would never like […]

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Marketing Without Hurting Political Sentiments

International businesses selling to cultures beyond their own must adapt to those cultures if they must successfully market and sell their products in other countries. Businesses, unlike nations and invaders, do not have to debate the question of whether to respect or disrespect other cultures or the sociopolitical environments of other countries. Rather, business means […]

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Politics and Ease of Doing Business

The United States of America is not only the world’s most powerful and wealthy nation today, but also distinguishes itself as one of the most stable democracies. Also referred to as the ‘land of the free,’ the United States epitomizes the ideology of liberal democracy. The United States gives its citizens more democratic space than […]

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Power and Politics in an Organization

Power and politics are both essential in managing any type of organization. Without these two, management and control of individuals within an organization are not possible. This is true because all organizations consist of different groups and alliances competing for the use of limited resources. Power refers to the ability of an individual or group […]

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