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Saving Private Ryan

Three different directors directed longest day. Ken Annakin directed the British exteriors; Andrew Marton directed the American exteriors. And Bernhard Wicki directed the German scenes. This film had a very large budget to it; they used 3000 extras to star in this film. It was made after Cleopatra, which is the most expensive film ever. The invasions […]

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Protecting Privacy

Usage of automated healthcare involves filling up a form that requires personal information which includes family background, DNA testing, moral and psychological state and other information that are too confidential. These pieces of information are kept in the medical record of the patient as it is very important because the information contained is a strong […]

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What is more important, Personal Privacy or National Security?

What is more important, Personal Privacy or National Security? There has been a significant change in privacy laws over the past decade since the September 11, 2011. If security versus privacy trade-off is biased in favor of security, particularly in times of public insecurity, there is reason to fear that we may too easily sacrifice […]

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Internet Privacy Ethics

The citizens of the United States have always been keen on privacy. A new emerging issue is on Internet Privacy issues. Privacy issues can lead to devastating consequences such as identity theft and bad credit ratings. Many users of the internet do not know the level of security or privacy of a website they access. […]

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